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LSVT Loud & Big is a unique approach to speech therapy designed specifically for people with Parkinson's disease or a neurological condition. Its success has lasted for up to at least two years after the therapy treatment.

“Mama” I heard a little girl whisper as I slipped into the pew “There's the story lady!”  It 

was one of my proudest moments…to be known as the “Story Lady”!  I had spent a lot

of time working on my ability to tell stories and she paid me the highest compliment!


One thing I miss as my condition deteriorates is the ability to speak clearly and 

meaningfully; the requirements of a good story teller.  Just as my handwriting has 

become very small and cramped the quality of my voice has also decreased measurably.


As I meet new people our conversations have become “What?” or “Oh dear, I forgot my hearing aid” and “I don't understand what you said”.  I smile as I meekly and slowly back away from the conversation, and that is a very boring approach to life!


I was asked if I would be interested in speech therapy.  It would be a very different approach to speech therapy from what I had in the past. The name is LSVT LOUD.  


Simply put: you agree to a highly disciplined course of study, four days a week for a month.  It is a daily hour of hard work; at least I thought talking louder and louder was hard work!  There are a series of exercises to do and material to read out loud; no pausing for coffee or visiting and it actually works!    ~Pat Sundheim, PWP

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