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Rock Steady Boxing Now in Watertown

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

"For all of us, this was our first experience with either leading or attending a Rock Steady Boxing Class and it’s safe to say that we’ve all been blown away by the experience."

We never could have imagined how opening our Rock Steady Boxing Gym would impact all of our lives. For all of us, this was our first experience with either leading or attending a Rock Steady Boxing Class and it’s safe to say that we’ve all been blown away by the experience. The level of camaraderie, the overcoming of both non-motor and motor symptoms and the sharing of emotions through both laughter and tears, have provided such a positive experience for everyone involved! What we have built together isn’t just an exercise program, it’s taking on Parkinson’s disease at its most vulnerable space: the human spirit! Are we making a difference? YES! As one of our boxing families expressed, “It is now one step forward, instead of three back!” This group has also taken on public speaking as they share their personal journeys through requests to speak to local college groups. They meet monthly as part of a “Parkinson’s Support Group,” and they have connected with one another outside of group activities as well, so there is always a line of support when needed.

Another unique part of our community resources is our partnership with Liz Nutsch, OT, with CaringEdge, Edgewood’s health services division. Liz is a champion in the fight against Parkinson’s! She has offered her expertise across areas, including her facilitation of “PWR!” or “Parkinson Wellness Recovery” and we have found this collaboration to be very powerful in helping individuals access tools where they are most comfortable. Some of our boxers weren’t ready to jump into a boxing class, sharing they didn’t have the confidence or comfort level to begin in a group setting- they worked with Liz, individually, or in collaboration with starting Rock Steady- and now are actively participating in weekly boxing classes! There is a door for everyone to access our resources and a way to connect with others who are a living a journey of many unknowns: our group has found, that no matter how we got here we are here together and we are fighting back!

This battle was never meant to be fought alone and we are determined to continue to hit Parkinson’s disease at its most vulnerable spot! Our staff, our boxers, our community is here and we welcome you and your family… in this corner… HOPE!

Christine Dolney, Certified Rock Steady Boxing Coach

Edgewood Healthcare- 901- 14thAvenue NE, Watertown, SD 57201

605.882.3084 Ext 207 or

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Donna Morris
Donna Morris
05. Jan.

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Gefällt mir
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